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Scott K. Mathison, BS, LMT

Practicing since 1993 in the Wisconsin area. I  utilize neuromuscular therapy, neuroenergetic release, myofascial release and other forms of pain relief therapy.

My mission is to create freedom and well being by practicing in the spirit of total health.

This is done by seeing the whole person and then treating the whole person. Too much of health care segments the body into separate parts to be treated. It is much more effective to treat that which cannot be separated -- you.

It is just as important I treat the problem, not just the symptom of the problem. Remember, a headache is not an aspirin deficiency.

My Story

I began my practice as a result of my search for freedom from pain due to a motorcycle accident. I know pain and I know how to help.

I was traveling 130 mph on a motorcycle when I got dust in my eyes and lost my vision. I was in an “S” curve at the time. When my vision cleared I was traveling across the gravel on the opposite side of the road. I woke up just before the ambulance arrived. 

Once the wounds healed and the surgery was over, just when I thought I was out of the woods on this thing, my body began to stiffen up. I couldn’t turn my head and had both a chiropractor and a doctor tell me I’d have to learn to live in chronic pain the rest of my life.  I refused to buy in and continued my search. That’s when I went for a massage.

I actually got worse after my first session; the next day I was walking inflammation. I called my therapist and she recommended another therapist who practiced neuromuscular therapy. I saw him for a half-hour and I was able to turn my head. So I set up another appointment.  As I got better, I inquired about learning more about neuromuscular therapy. A few “that’s more than a coincidence” events took place and I was off to massage school.

I went to massage school to find more answers. I didn’t know I would make a career out of it, but that’s what happened. It seemed right to leave the corporate world, and I began a full-time practice in February 1993.

I realize every day I was meant to be here, because statistically I should either be dead or operating my wheelchair with my tongue. I am privileged and grateful to be of service to others in pain.


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