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Because of you I started drawing for the first time yesterday, after not being able to draw for the past year due to my pain.
I came for a session due to a recent knee problem. Of course, it was more than that... everything was uneven. I left feeling much better. I had the most astounding visual confirmation when I left. Just out of the drive I checked my rear view mirror and to my surprise I saw the back seat, not the rear window! I was sitting higher and straighter than when I arrived. It was amazing to “see” how much the treatment had helped. Thank you, Scott!!
When I made my first appointment at Total Health, I thought I was just going to get a massage. I thought it would be a nice “treat” for my tired muscles. Little did I know that that visit would change my life. Not only have you helped me rehab a knee that was broken, you’ve helped me rehab my mind and spirit as well. You’ve opened a door to a new way of life. A healthier life. Healing is what you do. Whole person healing.
I want to tell you again how pleased I am with the care and treatment I have received from you. In such a short period of time, my back and neck pain have improved dramatically, as has my range of motion. With your expertise, I know I can look forward to continued improvement. I appreciate the personal attention, holistic caring, sensitivity and healing humor.
Scott is an excellent therapist, giving me pain relief from my fibromyalgia. He is also teaching me exercises to help recondition my body and reshape my thinking.
My back has bothered me for years. Progressively the discomfort became worse (compounded by injuries and running) including sciatic pain and plantar fasciitis: I was dealing with chronic pain. I could not sleep comfortably let alone move through the day without taking breaks for some relief; albeit brief. After my first session with Scott I was able to sleep through the night absolutely pain free! The energy I felt during the day was also amazing... I felt like a new person. Through regular treatment sessions... I have fluid range of motion throughout my body, plus, my high-energy approach to life back. I am thankful and grateful to feel like a whole, healthy person again!
I’ve worked as a sales clerk in a department store for 30+ years. I'm forever reaching, carrying or moving merchandise, and one day I had such a sharp pain in my shoulder. I went to physical therapy for about a year, and the exercise they had me doing hurt twice as much. Scott explained that the therapist had me doing exercises I needed to do when my shoulder wasn’t so tight. After going to him a few times, I could reach my arm straight back, which I wasn’t able to do in physical therapy.
Janet G.
I had significant pain in my neck and shoulders and daily headaches related to a recent car accident. Once I left Scott's office, I found I was tripping over my own feet. I wasn’t used to having my body in alignment! I also noticed that the teeth on the right side of my mouth actually touched when I bit down — that hadn’t happened for at least three weeks! I took a nap that afternoon and woke without a headache for the first time in months. At my next appointment, Scott commented on how different I looked. My whole posture had changed in just four days.
I walked out of  your office pain free for the first time in months. I am more mobile now. I have you to thank for it.  
I can’t begin to tell you how much better I feel. The severe migraines are gone! I know that Scott’s expertise is the reason for my healthier feelings.
I had severe hip stiffness combined with a migraine headache. After the session I was back to feeling “normal”
After a car accident I was told there was nothing they could do except surgery. Thank God for you and the work you did to straighten my hips, shoulders and most of all, take the pain away.  
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